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Subdivision Deed Restrictions

Are you an owner of a lot that is part of the Heritage Heights subdivision? When you bought your property you agreed to deed restrictions that benefit you and the entire neighborhood.

These deed restrictions protect your property value and your right to enjoy your property. Know your deed restrictions, and how they protect you and your neighborhood. Neighbors could potentially enforce the deed restrictions through legal proceedings. Not adhering to the restrictions could also pose an impediment to future sale of your property.

Many properties within the geographic boundaries of the Granville heritage Neighborhood Association were developed as one of the phases of the subdivision called, in the Milwaukee County records, “Heritage Heights.”

All of the properties in the Heritage Heights subdivision have deed restrictions. There are slight differences in deed restrictions, depending on which phase covers the specific property. However, much of the language of your deed restrictions is similar.

Click here for a summary of restrictions common to all Heritage Heights properties. This is not an exact summary of anyone’s deed restrictions and is not to be relied on as authoritative.

How to Obtain a Copy of Your Deed Restrictions:

If you have a lot in Heritage Heights, refer to the deed restrictions you received when you bought your property in the subdivision. If you cannot locate your copy, you may obtain another from the Milwaukee County Register of Deeds.

Note: If in the future the above link fails to work, it is because Milwaukee County has changed its web site. You may have to dig a bit to find it.

Posted on July 2, 2010.