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Zelda Corona
11103 W. Meadowcreek Dr.

“Vivacious, attractive and talented “are words that come to mind when attempting to describe Zelda Corona. With health care administration as emphasis in her B.A. and corporate communication in her M.B.A. , Zelda is an information systems project manager at Aurora Health Care. She has been with Aurora for 21 years. Her job brings her to different parts of southeastern Wisconsin as she manages implementation support for information management systems conversion at the clinics of Aurora in the region.

As if a full-time job is not enough, this energetic young woman also teaches part-time at her alma mater Concordia University in its health care administration program. In addition, she facilitates group sessions every two weeks on career planning in a group home for teenage mothers . At the Greater New Birth Church to which she belongs, she is mentor for women who are in high-risk situations. She has travelled with her co-authors to help middle class teenagers in Kentucky facing risks normally associated with the poor. This year, many of her neighbors met her as organizer of the Granville Heritage Neighborhood Association block party. Summarizing her community interests, Zelda notes that she is interested in helping those who want to know how to have a vision and how to overcome life struggles.

One will find it difficult to imagine that only three years ago, Zelda who is affectionately called “Z” by close friends and family members had lymphoma, a life-threatening condition. To share what she learned from her experience of healing, she joined eight other women who have had life changing events to write a book titled “No Artificial Ingredients: Reflections Unplugged.” Book signing trips and interviews occupy many hours of her time, but her main interest in this venture is to promote ideas on entrepreneurship and self-transformation to overcome serious challenges. While acknowledging that entrepreneurship has its downside, she explains that she is keen to promote the idea because, as she puts it, “I am an optimist.”

Born in Helena, Arkansas, she has lived in Milwaukee since age four. Zelda and her husband Manuel moved to their home in the Heritage subdivision in 2005. Zelda’s mother, son Manuel Jr., and their son’s daughter live with them. Manuel and his son make handcrafted silver jewelry sold in shows around the country and online for their company, Third Generation Jewelers . After learning about her many accomplishments and entrepreneurial venture , no one should be surprised that Zelda also finds time to serve as the company secretary and bookkeeper.

Date posted: November 2010






Conway Nimmer
10740 W. Green Tree Rd.

Conway and Josie. smallConway is the kind of neighbor everyone wants to have. He is a doting father and husband who keeps his lawn meticulously trimmed and green, walks his black German Shepherd daily, and catches criminals in his spare time. As an 18-year officer with the Milwaukee Police Department, Conway spends up to 65 hours on duty, but with an eye for things that are out of order and a keen sense of social responsibility, he is virtually always on a 24/7 alert for what may disturb the peace. Neighbors recognize this, and they do not hesitate to talk to him about what troubles them. Fellow police officers as well know that they can rely on Conway for help even when he is not on duty, as in a recent incident when he helped chase and arrest a fleeing suspect. “I enjoy going to work,” he volunteers with a proud glint in his eye.

His self-discipline is evident in his recent change in diet and physical training. Determined to get in shape, he switched to eating more vegetables and stays away from soda and fast foods. He also hired a personal trainer for demanding weekly hour-long “boot-camp” exercise. After five weeks, he is now 10 lbs. lighter and has better muscle tone. Being physically fit comes in handy when one has to chase suspects on foot!

Boyish-looking at age 44, it is hard to imagine that Conway had already worked for 6 years with the U.S. Navy before becoming a police officer. While in the Navy as a signal officer aboard the USS Independence aircraft courier, he traveled to Hongkong, Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Australia, Jordan, Oman and Djbouti. He says of his overseas experience, “I was exposed to different cultures. It was amazing to me to see the struggles that people in other parts of the world have to go through to make ends meet, and how they manage to be happy despite all that. With this experience, I am better able to relate to the different types of people I encounter in my work at the Police Department.”

Conway is the kind of father every daughter wants to have. Despite long work hours, he takes time to bring his two daughters to school and back, joins them in Nintendo Wii games, and goes walking and biking with them. When there is an event at their school, he volunteers at whatever is needed to entertain children.

When they moved into their new home in 1996, Conway and his wife Laura were among the earliest Heritage subdivision residents. They met while Laura worked at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office and he had court documents for her as a good reason to stop by her desk regularly. Laura now works at WE Energies.

Conway believes that one must have faith in the neighborhood. “We have an investment in our homes and we all need to help see to it that the neighborhood is kept up,” he notes. Conway certainly plays by this rule, and has demonstrated his commitment to the community both at work and at home.

Date posted: April 2010








Geralyn  (Geri) Voboril
11115 W. Meadowcreek Drive

Geri must be the most organized person in the world. The mother of six children, the youngest of whom is 8 years old, she has an active professional life as full-time instructor in the Associate Degree Nursing Program at Bryant & Stratton College and as a new business entrepreneur. She is married to Daniel Voboril who chairs the Department of Social Studies at Pulaski High Schoolept. The family moved to the Granville Heritage neighborhood in 2006.

Like many modern professionals, Geri has made major successful shifts in her career track. Trained in music performance arts, she started teaching piano, violin and viola at age 13 through the Lo Duca Brothers music studios. As a private music teacher she has taught over 100 students ages 3-85 to love music. After many successful years of teaching she chose to pursue her passion of caring through the field of nursing. “I’ve always wanted to be nurse. Taking care of others, as either a mother or nurse has always been a focus for me".

As busy as she is, Geri finds time to volunteer for professional and community service. She does volunteer work for the National Association for Mental Illness (NAMI) and is a member of the Wisconsin Nurses Association. Though relatively new to the neighborhood, Geri came to the attention of  GHNA when she became actively involved in organizing the Heritage Concerned Neighbors Committee. Through her leadership abilities, she and the GHNA shared the same vision to prevent location of an inappropriate business in the neighborhood. “I am committed to helping develop a sense of neighborhood where everyone is considerate of each other. Ours, I believe, is a caring neighborhood.," Geri points out.

Fun is in her agenda as well.  Geri enjoys playing the piano and the violin when at home. Besides music, she also loves to knit and does a lot of canning. Her tip to those who enjoy "fresh" produce: Go to the Fondy or West Allis Farmers Market. Or, get a subscription basket of produce from Growing Power.

While Geri and Dan love to travel, schedule conflicts in their large family has made it difficult for them to do this with the entire family. This summer, however, all eight of them went to Disneyworld for the first all-family vacation trip. She sees this trip as their most memorable vacation together.

Asked how she is able to manage her diverse professional, entrepreneurial, community and personal responsibilities as well as she does, Geri replies that she is lucky to have a very supportive family that takes care of one another and gets household tasks done as well. Dan, she says, is not only a busy academic professional, but is also a great “househusband.”

Date Posted : September 2009