Granville Heritage Neighborhood Association
Communicate, participate and collaborate to realize our best!

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The organizing efforts resulting in the formation of the Granville Heritage Neighborhood Association (GHNA) started when neighbors got together to oppose the rezoning of south Metro Boulevard in early 2004. While we were not successful in that effort, it made us very aware of the need for our community to be able to readily mobilize when issues arise, as well as to be able to take the initiative in shaping our neighborhood. Within the GHNA boundaries, there are 214 properties, primarily single-family residential.

The GHNA is an inclusive neighborhood association. Our mission is to enhance the sense of community and advance the quality of life of those who live, work and recreate of the Granville Heritage Neighborhood Association boundaries, and to cooperatively work with groups that share our goals.

To accomplish our mission, we will:

1. Promote communication in our neighborhood. This way, we can learn about issues affecting us, and mobilize to deal with these issues. We can also learn about opportunities for personal and community development, and learn about the talents and skills that exist in this neighborhood.

2. Work on projects designed to advance the quality of life in the Granville Heritage area. These projects may deal with public safety, public health, cultural and aesthetic enrichment, community leadership, youth leadership and others.

3. Collaborate with other organizations and institutions on project and actions that we initiate, as well as on those that they initiate that may make our community an even better place to live in.

We aim to deal not just with problems but with possibilities. Our rallying cry may be summarized by the action words Communicate, Participate and Collaborate. We will work with all stakeholders toward developing a vision for our Granville Heritage neighborhood and for our larger community –the northwest side of Milwaukee.